Alvvays Streetcar Listening Party!?!

Just last week Toronto's Alvvays released their new song "Plimsoll Punks" off their new album, Antisocialites, which is coming out September 8, 2017 via Royal Mountain Records. This tune is reeeeeeeally good, you guys! *Heart eyes* Listen to it here:

SO good, right? ANNNND Alvvays is throwing a TTC streetcar listening party August 22nd (which is TOMORROW) where people get to listen to the new album before the official release date. Tickets are FREE and you can one for you and one of your pals at Sonic Boom, Soundscapes, Rotate This or Kops Records in Toronto. Hurry up peoples and GET ON THAT TRAIN!

(Photo courtesy of Royal Mountain Records facebook page)

Pre-order Antisocialites from Alvvays here!

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