BPS x Field Trip Music & Arts Festival 2018

This summer we had the pleasure of having a little pop up at Field Trip Music & Arts festival for the 2nd time! We set up a tent in the craft market area and filled our booth with all of our hand designed Brittpaperscissors pins, buttons, patches, t-shirts, totes, stationary and more. We even had colouring and activity sheets for people!

We had a perfect view of one of the stages and got to watch artists like Liza Anne and Gabrielle Shonk perform. Fun fact, Liza Anne and Dizzy both came by the Brittpaperscissors tent and picked up some goodies like pins and tees. That was super RAD!

Liza Anne at Field Trip 2018 - Gif by Me!

To those who were at the festival and stumble across this post, just want to say THANK YOUUUU for coming by the Brittpaperscissors booth. We were super thrilled that everyone dug our creations and really appreciate your support! It was always a dream of mine to be a music filmmaker and to make creative products that I can share and connect with a community that I feel extremely passionate about.

Check out this cute little video by Eli Speigel that he made at our booth, featuring music from Slurry.

Hope to see you next year!

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