FINALLY made it to ♡ The House Of Targ for The Dirty Nil & Dilly Dally ♡

It was SO cool to have finally made it to Canada's raddest live music venue/arcade/pierogi restaurant, HOUSE OF TARG tonight for Juno Fest 2017. I've been dying to go since the venue opened up with a live show from PUP. And tonight I FINALLY DID and I got to see not one, but TWO of my favourite bands in one single night. The Dirty Nil and Dilly Dally. I rushed over to the venue after working and shooting the entire day, so by the time I made it to the venue everyone had already made it inside, but I decided to stand outside for a sec to soak it all in! I got the same kind of butterflies as I got when I was 15/16 waiting outside venues like Call The Office and The Embassy in London, Ontario to see my favourite bands.

Here is a video clip of The Dirty Nil preforming "No Weaknesses" in front of an intimate crowd and a few photos I managed to snap. As you can tell by my shakey hands in the video, I was super stoked.

So good, right?

Next, Toronto's Dilly Dally took the stage after the Nil and I immediately melted into a giant puddle onto the floor literally as they started to soundcheck. What an impact this band has had on my life!

They played ALL my fav songs from Ballin Chain, Desire, Purple Rage, The Touch, to their awesome take on "Know Yourself" by Drake which was the MOST rad. One of my favourite things about seeing this band live is watching Liz rock out so hard on the guitar and zoning in on Katie Monks incredible voice. I admire this band greatly! Can't wait to do this again one day and to go back to ♡ THE HOUSE OF TARG ♡

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